Puncture proof inner tubes

About Our Sizing

Stopaflat tubes are "Size Specific" to a tyre and care should always be taken when matching the tube to the tyre. Please note that our 1.75 sizes will fit a 1.90 standard tyre. Tyre width markings are clearly embossed on the outside wall of a tyre. However there can be variations between tyre manufacturers and tread designs.

Occasionally it may be necessary to fit a larger or smaller tube than indicated by the tyre size to correct this. A simple test is to insert the tube into the tyre, pinch the beads together and measure from bead to bead. This should be within 2/3mm of the internal width of the rim.

If in doubt please consult your local dealer who will be happy to advise on sizing and fitting.


12 1/2x2.1/4 (62x203)
12 1/2x 1 75 x 2.1/4 (47x203)
16 x 1.75
16 x 2.125
20 x 1.75
20 x 2.125
24 x 1.75
26 x 1.95
26 x 2.125
Please contact us if you have a specific application you think we may be able to assist you with.